Legion Tire Features

3-Ply Sidewall Armor Tek
Lightning Bolt Ejectors
Silica Tread Compound
Heavy Duty 10-ply D/E Rated
Quiet Pitch Sequence
Wear-Resistant Tread Pattern Geometry

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  • 3-Ply Sidewall Armor Tek

    3-ply Sidewell Armor-Tek absorbs tire impact forces that can damage tire in harsh off-road conditions

  • Lightning Bolt Ejectors

    Lighting bolt stone ejector rib designed to help discharge stones and resist stone drilling

  • Silica Tread Compound

    Coupled Silica tread compound provides enhanced wet traction and cut/chip resistance

  • Heavy Duty 10-ply D/E Rated

    Heavy Duty 10-ply D/E Rated

  • Quiet Pitch Sequence

    Computer optimized pitch sequence reduces tread pattern noise for a quieter ride

  • Wear-Resistant Tread Pattern Geometry

    The unique tread pattern geometry helps resist irregular wear tendencies which leads to improved tire noise

Legion tires stand tough
where others fall flat

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    Tested & Approved by The Diesel Brothers themselves

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    Built to stand tough to towing, off-roading, & the daily grind

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    Aggressive buttress lugs for additional off-road traction, abrasion resistance, & puncture prevention